I am Marisa Jones and I am a survivor

I never looked at my life that way, as I always succeeded, “coming up smelling like roses”, as my sister used to say. Yet deep inside I lived my life in fear and anger stemming from childhood abuse that I could never let go of. It created a victim-thinking mindset that was the basis for all my decisions.

I married young in a co-dependent marriage, common for those with an abusive past. I distracted myself with outside addictions such as with drugs and alcohol abuse, and even work to keep myself from being alone in my thoughts, which haunted me with negative self-talk.

Ten years ago I made a commitment to heal and started on a journey to rid myself of the fear and anger I held onto for many years after the abuse. While I had tried self-help books and therapy in the past, it was only the surface that I scraped in my healing. I was alone and had no idea how I was going to ‘fix me’, yet determined to try.

Today my life is transformed. My mind is at peace and I look at the world and those around me positively. Each day still carries its challenges. Balancing a family, raising kids, dealing with elderly parents and working full time can be stressful. None of those have changed, yet how I react to them has.

In my healing journey, I have found the tools and resources to help me maintain my peace and integrate these into my busy life.

Not all of us have an hour a day to go to a yoga class or mediate. And for those that do, the benefits are sometimes temporary, while in the moment only.

What I hope to teach you is how to be in the moment, always. So you can feel the joy of a day in the park with your kids, or the pleasure of a night out with friends, in every moment of every day in your life.

What I hope to instill in all of you is an awareness of who you are deep inside your soul. The part of you that you can trust to keep your sanity in this chaotic world, and allow you to make decisions that support your needs, so you can better support those around you that need you.

My transformation will continue until the end of my life on this earth. We are all teachers and students. My learning never stops and I have so much to learn from each of you.

Join me on this journey, to find your everyday being, and in doing so you will be supporting me in mine.

Together, we are not alone.

— Marisa

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About Marisa

Marisa Jones is a successful IT professional who leads global enterprise technology solutions for large organizations. Her passion includes driving transformational technology initiatives, writing and teaching workshops, training and speaking engagements.

Born and raised in New York in an immigrant Sicilian family with an alcoholic parent, she faced many traumas that led to a turbulent life until she faced her victim mentality and replaced it with a new mind-set of positivity and balance. Marisa has started on a new mission of sharing the story of her life to inspire others and help them experience the same kind of healing she did.

Marisa has recently begun working with a local organization that provides domestic violence victims with the support they need to find healing in their lives and rebuild their families. In her new partnership she will work with the team to create workshops and programs for those coming out of abusive relationships. 

Marisa currently lives in Colorado with her husband Mike and their four dogs, and they enjoy spending time there with their four children and two grandchildren.

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