Hello. I am Marisa Jones. I am a teacher, community builder and a survivor

Together we are not alone.
Marisa Jones
“When you are depressed you surround yourself with things and are detached from people; when you are healthy you are detached from stuff and want to show love to people around you.”

— Marisa Jones

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Everyday Being is about waking up every day and deciding who you want to be. Each day, every one of us will strive to be the perfect person of ourselves, you get to decide who that is for you. Sometimes you will fail, and that’s okay! Because at each failure you will learn more about yourself, be more aware of the amazing person you are, and become a better version of yourself tomorrow.
Marisa Jones
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I love to work with organizations whose ideas and services align with my own. There’s no cost to a partnership and together we can bring content and resources to those seeking it. Benefits include cross promotion of services, social media activity, and opportunities for co-branded workshops and programs.

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As a child, Marisa’s prayers were left unanswered as she begged God to save her from her abusive alcoholic father. Now she is convinced her nightmares are a punishment. God left her, and the nightmares are a curse the Devil placed on her for being a bad child. The Lotus Tattoo is a remarkably candid memoir of one woman’s story of resilience after abuse and the fear, anger, and mind games she battles along the way.

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