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Encouraging Her

EncouragingHer is an award-winning UK based social enterprise – providing innovative solutions for female survivors of domestic abuse. They are currently focused on providing the following services:

Priscilla Akutu-Carter & Didi Akutu-Carter
  • The provision of care bags which contain high quality hygiene products for women.
  • A fully digital wellbeing programme called ‘Beyond Surviving’
  • (Currently under development) A dressing room, which will be a cashless boutique for women to access high quality clothing for a range of occasions.

Encouraging-Her runs a truly unique digital wellbeing programme called ‘Beyond Surviving’, which is a 16-week initiative built on evidence-based practice and research from the fields of Positive Psychology, Ecopsychology and Cognitive Neuroscience. Beyond Surviving focuses on helping women move beyond the present and into the future. Due to it’s nature, all applicants are required to undergo screening before being admitted on to the programme.

They use a blend of group teaching, eco-therapy workshops and 1-2-1 coaching, which is available each month for the duration of the programme. Sessions are delivered by a mixture of psychologists, lecturers/researchers and qualified wellbeing practitioners. The programme formed the basis of an academic research study which was run in partnership with the University of Greenwich (London, UK) to understand the impact of this combined approach via qualitative and quantitative measurements.

You can reach Encouraging-Her at and

Laura Cowan

Laura Cowan is an Award Winning Advocate, Activist, Educator, Speaker and Radio Personality.

Laura Cowan

Laura survived one of the most notorious abuse cases in California history. She is now a speaker, counselor and forceful advocate for abused women and founder of The Laura Cowan Hope Foundation, a Non-Profit Foundation which helps to educate the community about domestic violence by providing workshops and materials to build awareness, educate and improve prevention and direct service programs that would provide help to women, children and men affected by domestic violence, live healthy, safe and joy-filled lives.

To read more about Laura Cowan, visit Laura Cowan Story

Laura hosts two radio shows and encourages her listeners to call into her shows and talk about their stories or ask her questions.

Laura Cowan’s Empowerment Hour is a live show on VoiceITRadio which airs every Monday from 6:00pm-7:00pm EST. The call in number is: 216-694-8910

Dear Ms. Laura airs on WOVU 95.9 FM every Friday from 11:30AM-12:00PM EST. This show is recorded every Tuesday evening at 5:00PM EST and the call in number is 216-271-2257

Visit Laura’s Facebook page for more details.

Interested in having Laura as a speaker or training for you next event? Contact Speak Up Speak Loud: 216-954-0999

We Fight Foundation, Inc.

We Fight Foundation logo
We Fight Foundation, Inc.

Nikita Powell-Cottman, Founder & Chairperson of the Board

We Fight Foundation, Inc. is a community and school based nonprofit founded in 2016 that helps youth, young adults (8-24 yrs) and their parents navigate through their mental challenges; including those associated with mental illnesses.

We Fight Foundation helps guide other parents with their children mental and life challenges without turning to risky behaviors, self-harm, self-medicating or sadly suicide. We fight alongside other parents and their child to help them develop safe spaces to have effective conversations about mental health, their challenges, healthy coping skills and additional resources to support their overall mental wellness.

RallyUp Magazine – Rally Up Magazine is the Ultimate Mental Health Guide for People of All Ages! Breaking the Stigma | A Platform to Talk About Mental Health. Our platform celebrates our mental health warriors, highlight our mental health change agents while educating our communities on all aspects of mental health.

You can reach We Fight Foundation, Inc. at or call them at 301-852-6454

YANAM2M – You Are Not Alone Mom 2 Mom

YANAM2M logo

Nikki Brooker, Founder

A non-profit organization with a mission to create a place where every mom will feel safe, accepted and valued.


YANAM2M came about in 2016 when, in the span of just three months, two moms living in her community took their own lives along with the lives of their young children.

In the midst of the shock and heartbreak, while the community grieved and asked how this could possibly happen, Nikki took action to find a solution to insure that this would never happen to another mom and another family again.

The Butterfly Project

The Butterfly Project logo
The Butterfly Project

Yoshiko Burney, Founder/President

The Butterfly Project’s (TBP) services include Survivor Packs, TBP’s Closet and Survivor Experiences. With the survivor packs, we provide toiletries to women who have left their abuser within a 3 to 9 months time frame. TBP’s Closet also provides clothes to survivors who are trying to get on their feet. Lastly, Survivor Experiences are sessions with survivors where we can meet and talk about what we experienced. This is sometimes over cooking, exercising and more. A comfortable space for women to feel free enough to share or just listen.

The Butterfly Project holds an annual Survivor’s Brunch in March. This year is the 4th annual. It is a private intimate event for survivors of domestic abuse to come and be celebrated and honored free of charge. They are welcomed to a 3 course meal at a 5 star restaurant. An encouraging push via a speaker. Free gifts and more.

Crossover Yoga Project

Crossover Yoga Project logo
Crossover Yoga Project

Since its launch, the non-profit organization Crossover Yoga Project (CYP) has empowered 4,200+ marginalized teen girls toward positive change through trauma-informed yoga, mindfulness, and creative art expressions. CYP meets students where they are at, in residential treatment centers, group homes, shelters, after school programs, facilities for pregnant teens and teen mothers, juvenile detention facilities and community programs. Participants report that they become more self-aware, build resilience, and self-respect.

“Elisha has shown us time and time again that not only do we matter, but we matter to Elisha. CYP is an amazing organization that gifts inner peace and resilience to the youth that need it most. The skills and tools she has taught us I will carry with me forever!”

Jessica Grimm, Bravehearts leader

CYP is part of New York State Trauma-informed Network and recognized as a Credible Messenger. Support CYP’s work on Amazon Smile and Amazon Charity List, Givelify, and on their website Crossover Yoga Project.

Renée Rosario

Renee Rosario

Renée Rosario

EnneaSight – Discover the Enneagram, Discover Yourself

Renée has been teaching the Enneagram for fifteen years through workshops and ongoing classes nationally as part of the core faculty for
The Narrative Enneagram. She works with small businesses, co-housing communities, and women’s
groups as well as gives public talks at various events. The Enneagram is extremely adaptable to fit the needs of a variety of groups and organizations.

Inspiration through Renée’s blogs

You can reach Renée at or call her at 303-443-9055

Marnie Vincolisi

Marnie Vincolisi

Marnie Vincolisi

Light Internal – Awaken Spirituality through Reiki Books and Healing Therapy

Through her writings and guidance Ms. Vincolisi focuses on appeasing the intellectual left brain by filling it with information and then moving into the intuitive right brain and letting
go of the process, thus stepping into the power of the divine you. With this healing, you access your inherent intuition with guided practices—which are always precise—but simple
instructions to making change a fun loving experience. With Ms. Vincolisi’s spiritual healing and products, anyone can make lasting positive changes in their life.

You can reach Marnie at or call her at 303-770-6729

Visit Marnie’s Shop

Guidance through Marnie’s blogs

Julia Timmerman

Julia Timmerman
Julia Timmerman

Thrive Training Consulting

With more than 15 years of experience as a clinical social worker, Julia specializes in adolescent substance use, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss and the full spectrum of adolescent behavioral health. Using the most up-to-date treatment methods, Julia partners with teens (12-24 years) and their families in discovering how the disappointments, conflicts and setbacks they face during adolescence can be opportunities to get back on track and take life to the next level. Her mission? To help teens and young adults live their best lives.

You can reach Julia at or call her at 303-542-0180

Address: 9806 W Bowles Ave. Suite #110-4 Littleton, CO 80123

Enhanced Life – Brain Integration Rewiring and Craniosacral Therapy

Brain Integration Enhanced Life

Yolanda Del Hierro has been a sensitive and dynamic Holistic Practitioner for over
40 years. As a health care professional she has acquired a wealth of experience. She
has had great success helping her clients improve their lives through education and
lifestyle coaching. Her sessions include adults and children.

Yolanda focuses on birth traumas, head injuries, learning difficulties, ADHD, emotional release and healthy lifestyle. Yolanda provides clients the ability to be empowered by thinking for oneself, making decisions and taking responsibility for their own lives. This in turn changes personal, family and community dynamics.

You can reach Yolanda at or call her at 720-583-0729

Yolanda’s services

Rose Andom Center

Rose Andom Center logo
Rose Andom Center

The Rose Andom Center improves the lives of domestic violence victims by facilitating better access to services and staff of community organizations and government agencies in a single, safe location.

Based on a national model of best practice, the Rose Andom Center is the first Family Justice Center in Colorado. At the Rose Andom Center, community organizations and government agencies work together under one roof to provide for the needs of individuals and families affected by domestic violence. The staff of partner organizations and agencies provide a wide array of services, including domestic violence advocacy and counseling, crisis intervention, civil legal support, services for children, law enforcement services, health care services, assistance with public benefits, and information regarding the criminal justice system.

The Rose Andom Center recently partnered with Denver Health to provide on-site health care services to domestic violence victims and their children. Medical services include documentation and care of abuse related injuries, primary care, well woman check ups, reproductive care, sick and well child care visits, and pre-natal care among other needs. Call Rose Andom Center’s main number below for information or an appointment.

Erika Davey – Levity Health Coaching

Erika Davey
Erika Davey

Erika is a Physician Assistant with 15 years of experience and became a Health Coach so she can better take care of the whole person. She coaches her clients to elevate their lives through improved gut and hormone health and life balance. Erika believes that self friendship is the answer to feeling alone and lost in the world, and her favorite part of being a Health Coach is helping her clients break through energy blocks and learn to self-soothe and overcome personal trauma to enjoy a life they love every day.

Erika offers an 8 week program that focuses on getting off the rollercoaster of life and committing to a daily practice of healthy habits. There is 1:1 coaching, group sessions, a private Facebook group and weekly exercises all designed to help you custom build your healthy path and provide the tools you need to stay on track.

You can reach Erika at or call her at 720-893-0078

Victory For Veterans – Warriors for Life: Healing and Support

Victory for Veterans logo
Victory for Veterans

Victory for Veterans provides wellness and support services for Veterans and First Responders. Their goal is reducing suicide among our men and women warriors.

Warriors For Life Community Virtual Support Groups offer confidential, private, closed group virtual support from the comfort of your home. No worries of social stigma or attacks. Just fellow veterans and first responders sharing life experiences.

You can reach VFV through Steve Durgin, Founder and CEO, at

Audun Lindhjem – Mind Academy

Audun Lindhjem
Mind Academy Audun Lindhjem

Audun helps men and women to train their minds stronger than their feelings, so that they no longer need to be a victim of their circumstances, but can become fearless conscious creators. Unlike many coaches focusing on the mind only, Audun shares practical exercises backed up by science, proven to create long-lasting tangible changes in people’s lives. Audun is am also a registered holistic healer.

Audun’s signature program was released December 2019. A seven-week coaching program, where you will be given weekly educational videos and daily assignments to perform.

The practical tasks given are designed to strengthen the bridge between the two brain parts. Energize the body, release tension in the body and let go of old traumas that have been stored in the body. The tasks take 7-10 minutes per day to perform.

Audun also assists as a holistic healer.

Marybeth Costello – MyHeartfulLife

Marybeth Costello
Marybeth Costello

MyHeartfulLife – Inspirational Watercolors, Watercolor Illustrations and Acrylics

Marybeth Costello is a painter in watercolors and acrylics, who is also a fine arts illustrator. She tries to reach out to your heart and soul with her whimsy, colorful, “gimme some sunshine” kinda art.

Bringing happiness and faith through her art seems effortless, but necessary. If asked what her intentions are by creating Art, “It’s simply to empower those that need it, to create a reminder that life is amazing, and that there is always something to smile about no matter what”.

Along with the freedom of creating from her heart, she has a client based following for commissioned holiday cards, invitations and personalized gifts.

Erica Denise Franzen

Erica Denise Franzen
Erica Denise Franzen

Full Spectrum Being – Massage, Sound, and Energy Therapies. Integrative Treatments for the Body and Soul

Through multiple avenues of co- creation, Erica brings forth her palpable presence and effortless ability to work within All spaces. Empowering those she encounters to face their fears, embrace their doubts, and look at their pain straight in the eye with a gaze of unconditional love. Understanding and non- judgement is such an integral part of Full Spectrum Being. By embracing our Full Spectrum, we are better able to meet the world with Authenticity.

Facilitating connection with your innate ability to heal, is a key point of our works here. Whether you’re seeking private Sound Therapy and Massage Therapy office sessions, wanting to host a Sacred Sound Meditation, inquiring about Herbal Medicine incorporation, or looking to join a workshop, Full Spectrum Being has offerings for all aspects of YOUR Being.

For Private Sessions – Messenger on Facebook or visit

For Vibrational Sound Therapy Certification Courses – Register Here

Sound therapy workshops are held globally.


Task Human logo

TaskHuman – A Digital Wellness App with a Network of Live Coaches

TaskHuman is a revolutionary digital wellness network on your mobile device. Go 1-on-1, via live video call, with a nationwide dream-team of wellness professionals covering 800+ wellness topics. Your time. Your place.

For Employees – Empower employees to be their well-thiest selves, in and out of the office.

For Veterans – Partnership with the National Veteran Transition Services Inc (NVTSI) a.k.a REBOOT to bring TaskHuman to all our nation’s active military, veterans, guard/reserve and the military spouse community.

Cheryl Ilov – The FemiNinja Project

Cheryl Ilov
Cheryl Ilov

The FemiNinja Project – A Podcast Dedicated to Personal Empowerment

Cheryl loves busting the myths of aging and helping you discover that it’s possible to live without aches, pains and be fit, healthy and vibrant at every stage of live. She is an award-winning author, speaker and retired physical therapist.

Cheryl is also a martial artist, and shares valuable tools and tips to help women of all ages find their voice, stand their ground, discover their inner strength and release their personal power.

Cheryl Ilov offers public speaking, private coaching, group classes, and consultation. She is the founder and host of the podcast, “The FemiNinja Project, which is dedicated to restoring human dignity one person at a time and helping YOU unleash your personal power. The FemiNinja is more than a podcast; it is a community, and we would love to have you join us on our mission to share inspiration, motivation, and encouragement for a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Discover that it’s possible to look like a woman, act like a lady, move like a ninja, and think like a warrior!

You can reach Cheryl at or call her at 720-577-5845

Michele Ricciardi-Lamberti

Michele Ricciardi-Lamberti

New Beginnings – Grief Coaching and Support

For over ten years, Michele has been coaching those through grief when unexpected loss becomes a part of your life. Her mission is to support and comfort those who have lost a loved one to overcome the bewilderment, abandonment and anger they are feeling.

Michele will answer questions from readers and encourage readers to support each other in telling our individual stories.

You can reach Michele at

More resources coming soon!

Dr. Christian Thurstone, M.D.

Cornerstone Health Community


Get Up and Thrive

Opening New Doors Foundation, Inc.

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