Mindful Shifts

In this section you will find content supporting ways to let go of old negative thoughts and beliefs in order to assist in the healing process.

During my transformation, I needed to put aside the beliefs I had about myself and my past in order to heal. I reminded myself to keep an open mind about what I was learning. It was necessary for me to break free of the negative thinking and change my perspective of my life. It was that open mind that helped me change my default behaviors of the previous decades and allowed me to move forward to find love for myself and those around me.

I hope these life lessons, or Mindful Shifts as I call them, help you the way they helped me and continue to do so.

Resolving Unhealed Anger

Resolving Unhealed Anger

Do you still have unresolved anger from past trauma or abuse? If you find yourself in situations where you are always feeling the need to defend yourself, getting into arguments with toxic people, or find yourself in situations where your anger creates problems in...

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