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Natural Vision Improvement Therapy

Submitted by Everyday Being Circle Partner, Yolanda Del Hierro.

If you’re like most people these days, your eyes are glued to a screen much of the day—and night! This excessive screen time is damaging to your eyes, your brain and your health. With my Natural Vision Improvement program, you’ll release the strain patterns caused by modern life, open up the pathways between your eyes and your brain, and your emotions. Your eyes will see better. Your brain will work better. And you’ll feel better.

The 4-session program is available in person or via Zoom and includes:
Yoga for the Eyes
I’ll teach you a selection of powerful eye techniques created by Meir Schneider PhD, LMT and based on the renowned Dr. Bates method.

Brain Integration
Through this revolutionary work, I’ll connect the signals of the brain to the eyes to open the visual pathways.

•Emotion Code Therapy
Emotion Code therapy clears the emotions that got “trapped” when you started wearing glasses or contacts.

•Cranial Sacral Therapy
This traditional therapy helps release the strain patterns in the brain which allows the eyes to sit in the socket easily.

Call for upcoming dates on the Natural Vision Improvement. One starting July 24 for 4 weeks. Contact Yolanda for more information and consultation and book the program.

Look forward to seeing you!!!

Thank you! Yolanda Del Hierro

Visit Yolanda’s Website Brain Integration Colorado

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